In today’s era of fast, flat rate Internet connection, watching and sharing online videos is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. As you undoubtedly know, YouTube is the most popular website that lets you watch and upload videos – in fact, a lot of people use it everyday. There is always a favourite music video you can watch, a viral link that you have received via e-mail, or a new movie teaser trailer that just came out.


Still, sometimes it is important to remember that one of the great opportunities the Internet and social networking present you with is the ability to share things with others. And yes, YouTube provides you with this kind of networking. A very special aspect of looking through online videos is finding something rare, something that might otherwise become lost.


For example, someone living a continent away might have an old videotape with a TV footage featuring your favourite band’s live performance. They will digitalise it, upload it, and now you and millions of others can see this piece of history.


Now, when you find something you really like and wish to keep safe on your computer (and a back up, if you really want it to be safe), you will want to download the video in question. These days, downloading YouTube videos is really simple! For example, Pro Video Downloader is a free browser add-on that enables you to download any YouTube video you want.


With this you can create your personal collection of favourite videos. Even better, you can watch them without being distracted by the ever-present buzz of the Internet. After all, since the Internet is always changing, nothing guarantees you that the uploader won’t delete his or her account, taking their videos down. With downloaded videos, you don’t have to worry about this!