We often go hunting through Youtube and quite often we find some weird and quirky videos. And some that are just plain hilarious.

Besides the obligatory cat videos (mentioned in the previous blog post), we have quite a few viral hits that we think you may like.

Morgan Freeman and his voice add an extra depth to that surprise viral hit by Ylvis, “What Does The Fox Say?”, along with Robert De Niro putting his own spin on Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”, and that infamous One Direction song “Best Song Ever” is narrated by Kevin Kline, and finally, for some reason, Michael Douglas is going on about “Chinese Food“.

Or… how about a group of burly oil rig workers lip-synching Toto‘s “Africa”… in Africa, of all places?

Big thumbs-up to these guys!

Speaking of cat videos, we found a compilation of 2013’s most popular cat videos, all in HD and in the one place!

D’aww. Come on, who can resist cats?

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