October 2013 Video Roundup

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We often go hunting through Youtube and quite often we find some weird and quirky videos. And some that are just plain hilarious.

Besides the obligatory cat videos (mentioned in the previous blog post), we have quite a few viral hits that we think you may like.

Morgan Freeman and his voice add an extra depth to that surprise viral hit by Ylvis, “What Does The Fox Say?”, along with Robert De Niro putting his own spin on Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”, and that infamous One Direction song “Best Song Ever” is narrated by Kevin Kline, and finally, for some reason, Michael Douglas is going on about “Chinese Food“.

Or… how about a group of burly oil rig workers lip-synching Toto‘s “Africa”… in Africa, of all places?

Big thumbs-up to these guys!

Speaking of cat videos, we found a compilation of 2013’s most popular cat videos, all in HD and in the one place!

D’aww. Come on, who can resist cats?

As usual, if you ever feel like downloading these videos, we can’t go any further than recommending ProVideoDownloader for downloading all these Youtube videos for later offline viewing. It’s 100% free and won’t do anything bad to your computer. It makes it that easy!


Best cat videos of 2013

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 We are nearly halfway into this year and it’s time to see some of the best cat videos of 2013! Read on to see a choice of five lovely short cat videos.


– You have probably seen many videos of cats running away from vacuum cleaners. In my experience, that is a common behaviour – the noise scares them and off they go! This is why I was surprised to find a video of an adorable ginger cat playing with a vacuum cleaner. This cute video lasts less than a minute and shows the cat licking the vacuum cleaner. Now, I do have some suspicions that owner might have applied a tasty liquid to the inside of the tube, but even if that’s true, the video is still lovely!


– Naturally, not all cats are the same, but some are more different than the others. Actually, this cat owner claims that his cat is like a dog! See a very entertaining video where said owner lists and displays 8 signs showing that his cat is like a dog. If you have a cat, you might want to see if it fits these dog requirements too… Who knows, maybe you’re just a step away from teaching it how to fetch!


– And speaking of cats behaving like dogs, this one owner definitely knows how to train her cat! In this cute video, cat is playing dead on cue. Note how it gets a treat every time it does a trick. Quite a deal: the owner gets tricks, the cat gets treats… and the viewers get a delightful video!


– Now here’s a video that will make you feel all soft and fuzzy inside. It will also make you want to go for a massage! This video of a kitten massage shows us something that isn’t really unusual in the cat world (cats often do it to their kittens), but just looking at it is relaxing. Soft, furry, sleepy…


– Can cats play a shell game? This one can! See Kido’s First Shell Game and be amazed. Will the owner fool her cat? Or is the feline perception unbeatable? Most importantly – can you keep up with Kido’s score? Check out the link to find out!




The Advantages of Downloading YouTube Videos

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In today’s era of fast, flat rate Internet connection, watching and sharing online videos is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. As you undoubtedly know, YouTube is the most popular website that lets you watch and upload videos – in fact, a lot of people use it everyday. There is always a favourite music video you can watch, a viral link that you have received via e-mail, or a new movie teaser trailer that just came out.


Still, sometimes it is important to remember that one of the great opportunities the Internet and social networking present you with is the ability to share things with others. And yes, YouTube provides you with this kind of networking. A very special aspect of looking through online videos is finding something rare, something that might otherwise become lost.


For example, someone living a continent away might have an old videotape with a TV footage featuring your favourite band’s live performance. They will digitalise it, upload it, and now you and millions of others can see this piece of history.


Now, when you find something you really like and wish to keep safe on your computer (and a back up, if you really want it to be safe), you will want to download the video in question. These days, downloading YouTube videos is really simple! For example, Pro Video Downloader is a free browser add-on that enables you to download any YouTube video you want.


With this you can create your personal collection of favourite videos. Even better, you can watch them without being distracted by the ever-present buzz of the Internet. After all, since the Internet is always changing, nothing guarantees you that the uploader won’t delete his or her account, taking their videos down. With downloaded videos, you don’t have to worry about this!